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The projects of Digital Diary Venue and of Smart City are clearly ranged. Any strategic Plan of city or project of Smart City for the development of intelligent services to the citizen, has to have like pillar a Digital Diary Venue, that presents a strong technological approach for the development of the strategic lines of the city.

According to United Nations, in July of 2007 the urban population exceeded to the rural population in the world. Besides, it foresees  that this proportion increase  notably in the next years, until the point that, according to some forecasts, in the year 2050 practically 70% of the world-wide population do  urban and a lot of cities have more than 10 million inhabitants.

The forecasts aim to that the urban spaces will be increasingly dense and will have to face a lot of relative problems to the management of scarce resources, to the provision of public services, to the management of the information, of the urban mobility and of the traffic as well as to the energetic efficiency and in general to the sustainability. In parallel, the profile of the people that will live in them also will follow evolving, being increasingly formed, healthy and demanding with his surroundings, by what will demand  improvements in the quality of life.

Definitely, all this evolution poses a very important change regarding the deployment and the management of the infrastructures of all type in the field of the cities, and therefore this fact has to have very in account by the public politics that develop  in the local field in the next years.

According to the study "Smart Cities: A first step to the Internet of the things" Of the Foundation Telefónica, can define  a Smart City (in Spanish Intelligent City) like that city that uses the technologies of the information and the communications to do that so much his critical infrastructure, as his components and public services offered are more interactive, efficient and the citizens can be more conscious of them.

In a wider definition a city can consider  eat "Intelligent", when the investments in human and social capital, and in infrastructure of communication, boost precisely a sustainable economic development and a high quality of life, with a wise management of the natural resources through a participatory government.

In the practice, and to a more popular level, a Smart City is a committed city with his surroundings, so much from the environmental punto as regarding the cultural and historical elements, with architectural elements of avant-garde, and where the infrastructures are endowed of the technological solutions advanced to facilitate the interaction of the citizen with the urban elements, doing his easier life.

The main areas of performance identified in a Smart City are: mobility smart, logistical and technology, development of the human resources and the social capital: people smart; economy smart for the competitiveness; urbanismo and sustainability of the house; ecosystem, sustainable surroundings, renewable energies and other resources and, finally, e-democracy, government Smart.

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