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Knowledge Center

This section includes several sections with information relevant to the design and development of Digital Agenda projects within the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal, from Strategic policies and regulations applicable to tangible services available to local authorities.

Here is a brief reference to the content of each section:

Strategic frame
In this section include  different Plans and Strategic Politics of TI, whose strategic lines influence in elder or lower measure in the development of Digital Diaries Venues.
Like this it includes  to European level the Axenda Dixital European 2020, to national level the Proposal of Digital Diary for Spain or to autonomic level the strategic Plan Axenda Dixital 2014.gal.

European initiatives ADL
In this section show  different projects realised in Europe that contribute methodologies, guidelines and experiences in the design and development of projects of Digital Diaries Venues. These projects form part of the development of political general TIC and have a remarkable impact in the political partner-economic regional.

Programs of support
In this section include  different projects TIC developed in the Euroregion Galicia - North of Portugal. The majority of the projects are promoted by public organisms, of regional field, and have defined services TIC of utility for the development some field of the Digital Diaries Venues and that are to disposal of the local entities that are inside the geographic scope of the project.

Guide of best practices
In this section gather  a series of derivative best practices of the analysis of distinct projects and methodologies in the thematic of Digital Diaries. The fields that cover these best practices are: Provision of services, Transparency and participation, active Citizenship and social development, economic Development, Culture and identity and public Space.

Bank TIC
In this section defines  an inventory of resources in the Euroregion of interest for the development of a Digital Diary Venue. This inventory includes from public organisms with competitions in the field TIC or technological centres of interest until services TIC for the development of initiatives in eAdministración, services of participation and citizen information,  platforms, etc.

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