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The socioeconomic development of the European regions is enormously conditioned by the level of access and implementation of the Information Society, playing a key paper for the development and the growth of the employment.

The initiatives carried out from the EU in matter of IF they are relatively recent and have two fundamental milestones: the initiative eEurope, with the back ?Strategy of Lisbon?, and the first Plan of Action, eEurope 2002, that concentaron in the extension of the connectivity to Internet in Europe. Later the Plan of action eEurope 2005, that pretended to translate this connectivity in an increase of the economic productivity.

In this frame, in the II World-wide Summit of Cities and Local Governments on IF (Bilbao, 2005), arises the Local Digital Diary (ADL) like world-wide instrument of planning for the development of the IF to local level. The Statement of Krakow, favoured by the CEMR (European Council of Municipalities and Regions) and Eurocities, recopiló in 2005 the statement of intentions of the European cities to endow  of ADLs like half to attain these aims.

The Statement of Naples (EISCO 2008) ratified the strategy of movement for the implantation of ADLs by means of the use of three key instruments:

  1. The Plan of the ADL, with temporary horizon to 3 years;
  2. The Local Pact by the SI, oriented to the local providers of and-services;
  3. The Forum of Citizens and Local Agents: with the object to promote, argue and retroalimentar the Plan between citizens, companies, experts, etc.

In the new strategic frames of the CE (2005-2010) i2010 and in the back ?Europe 2020? It aims  the creation of a European Digital Diary (2010-2015), to tackle the main obstacles to an authentic only market digital, promote the investment in internet of high speed and follow working in the elimination of the brecha digital.

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