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Parnet-TIC, the project of the digital services in the half rural

Article of Manuel Vázquez Sesmonde. Boss of Service of Planning, Territorial Development and European Union of the Deputation of A Coruña.

The paramount aim of the project PARNET-TIC has headed to to reduce the brecha digital in the cores of population of the rural territories, and offer efficient and modern solutions that improve the local public management and, in consequence, the life of the citizenship.

PARNET-TIC has set up programs to the service of the population, testing forms of and-government and electronic administration with the end to attain improve the infrastructures, services and accessibility in these municipalities, favouring like this the participation of the citizens in the public politics.

To operative level the project has based his activity in the establishment of a Network of Participation and Digital Services in rural territories, developing an intense program of training, given with big success by the dinamizadores local through the network of antennas or willing information centres in the areas of influence of the entities partners.

In the design of the digital services developed for the provision of services on line, has given  priority to the use of free software and has taken into account in the design the elimination of barriers to the accessibility. Besides, all the services allow the access by means of the technology OpenID, facilitating like this the citizen participation.

The digital services developed have been:

  1. System of warnings georeferenced and information georeferenced.
  2. System of management and promotion of clean points.
  3. Sending and reception of messages to mobile (SMS).
  4. System of queries to the citizenship.

But the intention of PARNET-TIC is the one to go much more there, since the applications developed by the Project are totally transferibles and are to disposal of those institutions and local organisms that wish to improve his catalogue of on-line "services" implanting them in his territories and adhering to the Network generated.

Already in his straight final, is necessary to present a summary of the results reached, between which fits to stand out:

  • The creation of a network of 33 antennas in the territory, that cover 9 municipalities in Spain and Portugal, with a total population affected of more than 92.000 people.
  • The preparation of documents of big importance of face the transfer of results and that they can result of interest for the possible future experiences in the terrain. Between these reports stand out a document of best practices in and-administration and and-government, as well as the transnational survey on provision of services and administration and mechanisms of and-participation, which has allowed the creation of a database and realise a study diagnostic on the situation of the provision of digital services and and-participation in said territories.
  • The preparation of a Plan Director, that defined the strategy to be followed. This Plan served of base for the design of the digital services of and-administration and mechanisms of and-participation more adapted to the reality of the territories where went  to implement.
  • The creation of a Network of Participation and Digital Services in rural territories, formalised through agreements of adhesion.
  • The diffusion of applications and uses TIC in the rural and training to the citizenship through the Points of Antenna.

The indicators of the Project show the high degree of penetration reached between the population of the points of antenna, thanks to the big number of destined actions to the digital literacy, diffusion of the applications and utilities of and-administration.

This pilot experience in the use of the tools TIC in the rural has supposed an opportunity inmejorable for the administrations participants of improvement of his catalogue of services "On-line".

As it has indicated , it is important to reiterate that the applications of PARNET-TIC have developed  with the end that they are easily actualizables and adaptable to other technological surroundings, are totally transferibles and are to disposal of all those institutions, especially the ones of local field, interested in his implantation.

The Project PARNET-TIC has the financial support of the program of territorial cooperation SUDOE (FEDER) of the European Union. Led by the Deputation of A Coruña, in him participate besides the Deputations of Almería, Huesca and Lugo, the city council of Lugo, the Câmara Municipal of Águeda (Portugal) and the Pôle of Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur Of the University of Montpellier (France).

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