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The Smart Cities as references in Spanish Foreign Radio Spain

Spain, leader in Smart Cities and Towns of the Future are two programs broadcast by Radio Exterior of Spain in your space Made in Spain, which has participated Junestrand Stefan, Director General of Tecma Red Group during the past 26 to 27 June. César Miralles, Director General of Red.Es; Jordi Marin, Head of Smart Cities Indra Director and Blanca Losada, Director of Electricity Distribution in Spain Natural Gas, was also laid before the microphones of Radio Exterior of Spain to discuss Smart Cities.

During the two strands of the program through the different guests, there was talk of regulatory, economic, energy and social aspects of the Smart Cities; what is being done in Spain so pioinera (as the Spanish Network of Smart Cities), different investments that enhance the development of these projects for Smart Cities and improving air quality, resource consumption, etc.. in cities, as the PRICE project.

Fonte: esmartcity.es
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